There are some honest folk out there…well sort of

It all started when I arrived home having attended the Midlands Networker at Corby on the 11th March 2010.

I grabbed my bag from the back seat of the car and took it into the house as usual. I remembered I had taken photos of the group at the networker and thought before I forget, as I usually do, I’ll download them and e-mail them to admin for inclusion into the next e-news.

That is when the panic set in…”

The Eden Alternative

Does this innovative approach to care of the elderly increase risk?
The founding principles of the Eden Alternative are that boredom, loneliness
and helplessness are the joint horrors confronting people in care and they can
be avoided.

Human Aspects of Disaster

Human Aspects of Disaster – Article by Margaret McIntyre – Important to remember: when people are in grief they only take in 15% of information they are given. Are YOU ready? Do all your premises have Emergency Evacuation Plans, Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans (PEEPS) for Vulnerable Persons?

How would you cope if half your staff were absent at any one time – What Services are essential – Have you identified Essential /Non Essential staff?
Could non-essential staff be moved to assist in essential areas?
Health & Safety is integral, hope I have given you some areas to think about if you have not previously been involved